Thermochromic inks change color in reponse to changes in temperature.Sebutherm ink find his applications in  document security, promotional items, temperature indicating labels, packaging, games,..

SEBUTHERM BLACK 341.650V1 T25 is a brand new reversible thermochromic ink which change from color to transparent around 25┬░C. The ink returns to the original color as it cools down.

  • High performance,100% solids; water-free and solvent free thermochromic ink.
  • Stable printing during the whole printjob. No change in viscosity during printing.
  • This ink cures at double speed compared with the standard SEBUTHERM 341 inks.
  • Printed with a mesh 43 on a cylinder press, cured with 1 UV lamp of 160 W/cm, an average of 2500 printed sheets per hour can be achieved.
  • No risk of blocking during the stacking of the cured printed sheets.
  • Finish gloss,
  • Improved adhesion on offset and plastics
  • An improved compatibility, resulting in a more transparant color when rubbed or touched.