Sebek inks can offer you a wide range of products which are ideal to produce heat transfers for workwear, this both in our water based series SEBADUR 121 and our Silicone range SEBILON 516. Transfers made with these ink series, can withstand 50 washing at 90°C.

Waterbased ink SEBADUR 121
Transfer can be printed with Sebadur Colors and white.
Also suitable in combination with a digital transfer (HP indigo, Ricoh)

Finishing the transfer can be done with:

a)    the hotmelt powder 111.908 scattered in the transparent base 121.840.
Transfer at 180°C
b)   by printing the printable adhesive 111.915V1 in a double layer with screen 43.
Drying of the adhesive at 80-90°C. Transfer at 180°C

Silicon inks SEBILON 516
SEBILON 516 combined with the hotmelt powder 111.908.
Transfer at 180°C.

  • Soft handle
  • Excellent washing resistance (90°C)
  •  Perfect migration resistance
  • Highly flexible