Our high reflectance water-based inks set a new standard for textile printing inks. They are formulated to produce the highest level of reflectance in direct screen printing on garments, giving your designs a stunning, eye-catching finish. Our inks are also long-lasting and durable, maintaining their reflective quality wash after wash. But there is more, these inks can now be used for the first time also in heat transfer printing to produce reflective heat transfers.  The reflective transfer is made without any reflective vinyl and is constructed entirely from inks! First a silicone primer 516.840V4 is printed on a suitable release foil. On top of the primer our highly water based reflective ink SEBATRANS SILVER 111.701V1 is printed . To enhance the reflective effect, a high-gloss silver 111,672 can also optionally be printed after the reflective ink.  #printing #reflective #heattransfer