518.831 HS is a transparent puff base that allows to create hallow free silicone heat transfers with strong and equal puff effect.
In order to obtain a strongly swelling transfer, it must be built up in different layers (3-4) with screen P43 (mesh 110) In the last layer the hot melt powder 111.932 is sprinkled.
Colours are made by adding 7 to 10% pigment paste of the series 511 into the base 518.831 HS.
For a multi-colour puff transfer, regular Sebilon colours are printed with screen P 77 (mesh 180) followed by 3-4 layers Puff base 518.831 HS
The printed ink layers based on 518,831 HS are dried at 110-120°C for 1-1.5 minutes.
At these low temperatures there will be no swelling of the puff base (ink). Only during the transfer at 160°C for 15 seconds, the puff base becomes active and the optimal swelling of the ink is obtained.


  • Easy to produce with 1 ink and 1 screen (mono colours)
  • Fast curing
  • Strong and equal puff effect after transfer
  • Excellent washing resistance at 60°C
  • Excellent migration resistance
  • Durable
  • Hallow free.
  • Needs 160°C during 15 seconds for full development of the puff effect.