Thermochromic inks change color in reponse to changes in temperature. Sebutherm ink finds its applications in document security, promotional items, temperature indicating labels, packaging, games,..

SEBUTHERM BLACK 341.650V1 T25 and T27 are brand new reversible thermochromic inks which change from color to transparent around 25°C and 30°C.  The ink returns to the original color as it cools down.

  • High performance, 100% solid; water-free and solvent free thermochromic ink.
  • Stable printing during the whole printjob. No change in viscosity during printing.
  • This ink cures at double speed compared with the standard SEBUTHERM 341 inks.
  • Printed with a mesh 43 on a cylinder press, cured with 1 UV lamp of 160 W/cm, an average of 2500 printed sheets per hour can be achieved.
  • No risk of blocking during the stacking of the cured printed sheets.
  • Finish gloss,
  • Improved adhesion on offset and plastics.
  • An improved compatibility, resulting in a more transparant color when rubbed or touched.