Sebumat 322

Sebumat 322 is a universal matt ink for the graphical and flat label industry.

  • Universal matt ink compatible with absorbing and non-absorbing paper, treated or coated PP and PE, metalized polyester, PVC, polystyrene, PET and polycarbonate.
  • All colors result in an evenly spread and very deep matt appearance.
  • Perform well in combination with hot stamping and thermal transfer printing.
  • With a properly cured ink film that can stand a good rub and scratch and is liquid resistant (water, alcohol, ….).
  • The deepest matt effect is achieved with a fine screen (150-31 or 165-31 mesh). Using coarse screens (120-34 mesh) will increase the thickness of the printed ink film, which results in a more glossy print.
  • Sebumat inks dry evenly and leave no banding or stripes on the matt surfaces. Something that often occurs after an unequal curing when printed on semi-automatic flat bed printing machines.
  • Highly flexible: no edge curl or edge lift of the paper or self-adhesive labels, cut out after printing.
  • When printing on thin rigid PVC material, no embrittling of the printed ink film will occur.