Sebadur 121 is a water based transfer ink for the production of workwear heat transfers

 Due to it's excellent adhesion on various synthetic textile substrates (water-repellent substrates), Sebadur is also ideal for direct printing.

  • Good flexibility,
  • Good screen stability.
  • Transfers are highly durable and resistant at 90°C washing.
  • Sebadur inks are free from phthalates, PVC, APEO, formaldehyde, organotin compounds and are formulated to meet the most exigent requirements (Oeko Tex 100 Class 1).

Transfer printing:

  • Should be finished with our hotmelt powder SEBAMELT 111.908 or with our printable adhesive 111.915V1.
  1. Finishing with 111.908: The powder is scattered into the varnish 121.840. Drying at 100- 110°C . Transfer at 180°C during 15".
  2. Finishing with the printable adhesive 111.915V1:  The glue is printed over the  Sebadur inks in a double layer with screen P43.  Drying 80 -90 °C. Transfer at 180°C during 15"

Both, powder and printable adhesive have been thoroughly tested and withstand 50 x Washing at 90°C.

The finishing with the powder results in a more flexible transfer, compared to the finishing with the printable adhesive.