Sebatrans 111 BK

Sebatrans 111 is a water-based flexible textile ink for transfer printing.

Sebatrans 111

  • Highly flexible.
  • Sebatrans colors print very good on paper and polyester release foils.
  • Very soft handling.
  • Good screen stability.
  • A flexible anti-migration black 111.653 to stop the migration of dyes is available.
  • Different hot melt powders and printable adhesives are available.
  • Sebatrans inks are free from phthalates, PVC, APEO, formaldehyde, organotin compounds and are formulated to meet the most exigent requirements (Oeko Tex 100 Class 2).
  • A highly opaque white 111.752 in combination with 3 % Crosslinker 105,  is suitable as backup white for offset and digital transfers.