Special varnishes

Release varnish

  • Overprint varnish with various release levels
  • Screen printing

Hot stampable, gluable varnish

  • High gloss varnish
  • Accepts hot stamping, glue, cold foil application and thermal printing
  • Screen and flexographic printing

Flexible varnish

  • Glossy
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Highly flexible
  • For semi-rigid and self-adhesive vinyl

Non-slip glossy varnish 301.821

  • Creates a non-slip rubbery surface
  • Prevents the printed surface from moving (for example: mouse paths)
  • Screen printing

Non-slip satin varnish 301.822

  • Highly scratch resistant
  • Perfect for non-slip floor stickers
  • Screen printing

Luminescent varnish

  • Becomes bluish under a ultraviolet wood lamp
  • Suitable for security applications
  • Also available as a concentrated paste to add to water-based, solvent and UV-curable varnishes
  • Screen and flexographic printing

Glitter varnish

  • Various effects possible including holography
  • Available in fine gold and silver 002,
  • Other colors and sizes on request

Soft touch varnish (water-based and UV-curable)

  • 100% UV-curable.
  • They have a matt soft velvet touch.
  • For paper, PVC, polyester, coated PE & PP.
  • A good adhesion on top of different inks.
  • A deep matt aspect in any layer thickness.
  • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistant.
  • Accepts hot stamping.
  • Needs higher UV doses because of its slow reactivity.
  • For paper and plastics

Writable varnish (water-based and UV-curable)

  • Create a surface that accepts writing from pencil, pen or chalk.
  • Screen and flexographic printing.

Coarse structure varnish (UV curable)

  • Create a sand effect with a high level of roughness.
  • A transparent, non-yellowing varnish with a satin coarse surface.
  • For paper, cardboard and plastics.
  • Mesh 21 or 34 in screen printing is recommended for the coarse version 301.819
  • Mesh 43-62 in screen printing is used for the fine structure varnish 301.819V3

Relief varnish (UV curable)

  • Printed in thick layers they are highly flexible and suitable for flat bed and rotary printing.
  • Good block resistance.
  • High gloss.
  • 301.811 V1 is a highly flexible braille varnish with higher viscosity
  • 301.811 V3 is a highly flexible braille varnish with medium viscosity
  • 301.811 V7 is a highly flexible braille varnish with low viscosity
  • 301.811 V16 is a highly thixotropic version which enables to print the finest details.

All versions are interchangeable

  • 301.811V6 is a silicone free version ideal for transparent materials.
  • 301.811V14 is a braille varnish with higher reactivity, ideal for rotary screen printing.

Varnish for dry wipe marking (UV-curable)

  • Makes it possible to erase written text on treated surfaces.
  • Resistant to special markers that once dry can be erased.
  • Screen printing.

Anti absorbing varnish (UV-curable)

  • Result in an equal glossy surface when printed on absorbing paper.
  • Available in opaque white and transparent.
  • Perfect as a primer or final layer.
  • Screen P 120 in screen printing is recommended.