Thermochromic inks

Thermochromic inks change color due to a change in temperature. (Change is reversible.)

  • Cold (0°C, 5°C, 10°C, 15°C) and warm (20°C, 25°C, 27°C, 37°C) temperature types are colored below the temperature and change to colorless above the temperature.
  • For graphical or textile water-based applications.
  • Screen and flexographic printing.
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SEBUTHERM BLACK 341.650V1 is a 100 % black thermochromic UV ink that can be printed on coated and uncoated paper and several plastics such as PVC.
The ink will change from black to transparent reversibly with changing temperatures.
Available in Black T25 (temperature range between 22 and 31°C) & Black T27 (23 – 33°C)

  • 341.650V1 T25 (T27) is a 100 % solid UV ink and contains no water or solvents, resulting in a stable printing during the whole print job
  • The reactivity or cure speed of this ink is double as high compared with the standard SEBUTHERM 341 inks
  • When printing with a mesh 43 on a cylinder press, an average of 2000- 2500 sheets per hour is printed and stacked without the risk of blocking.
  • Finish gloss
  • The ink becomes perfect transparent when rubbed or touched
  • Improved adhesion on offset and plastics.


Data Sheet Sebutherm 341650v1 T25